Sanna Valvanne is an innovative conductor and performer from Finland and the founding director of the Sing & Shine Choirs. She was the Artistic Director of the 2017 Tampere Vocal Music Festival. Sanna is recognized worldwide for her creative choral method, “Sing and Shine with Body and Soul”, and has been a popular guest conductor with hundreds of choirs around the world since 1994.  A former singer, conductor’s assistant, and vocal trainer of the world famous Tapiola Choir, she has a Masters  Degree in Music, from the Sibelius Academy. 

From 2005-2016, Sanna lived in the USA and worked especially in New York City with children in underserved communities and with El Sistema programs. In 2016, Sanna founded the Sing & Shine Choirs to provide creative, expressive, empowering, and freeing vocal and performance training for all ages, in Espoo, Finland. 100 singers from age 6 up to active senior citizens make music together in the choirs. Through charity workshops and community projects with refugees, elderly people, and schools, the choirs are building an open, loving and welcoming community for all people in the Helsinki Capital area. 

Whether with her own choirs or guest conducting, Sanna continues to expand the boundaries of choral expression, and explore new ways of sharing love and joy through singing.  


Sanna Valvanne is an innovative conductor from Finland, specialized in children's and youth choirs. She is  recognized worldwide for her holistic and creative choral method:Sing and Shine With Body and Soul”, which combines vocal expression with movement and drama. She is a popular clinician and guest conductor with choirs around the world.  Sanna's special Warm Ups are published as a DVD and available from her website. Her new Sing&Shine Repertoire DVD along with scores for Sanna's popular arrangemements is on the works for future publishing.

Sanna has made frequent appearances at renowned international choral festivals, such as Festival 500 (St. John's, Canada) and many Europa Cantat (European Federation of Young Choirs) events. She was chosen to present her method at the World Symposium on Choral Music in 2014,  held in Seoul Korea, and in 2008 in Copenhagen. She was chosen by the IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music) to the Songbridge Artistic Committee in 2008 and she initiated and was the artistic director of the Songbridge in Tourin, Italy in 2011 and initiated the Songbridge 2017 at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival in Finland, as the Festival's Artistic Director.

Since 2009 Sanna has been a full-time freelance-conductor with a busy touring schedule. She has been invited to guest conduct in Taiwan, Canada, USA, Israel, Palestine, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Venezuela, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico, Armenia, and Latvia, Some of the highlights include her concert in 2009 with the Tapiola Choir in Finland; working with adult choirs at the Sing Aotearoa 09 festival, in New Zealand; conducting the Corona Children’s Chorus Camps in Queens, New York, in 2010-2011; working with the Taiwan Earth Choirs in 2010 and 2014 and with the conductors and singers in Armenia at Sistema Armenia in 2013: and reuniting with her former singers in Finland, as the Sing&Shine Singers, in 2014 at the Vocal Espoo International Festival. In 2015 she has invitations to Canada, USA, Finland, Norway, Germany and Colombia.

Sanna has founded and conducted children's and youth choirs since 1998, in both Finland and USA. Sanna has lived in the USA since 2005, where she first brought her cutting edge approach to the North American Choral Company, as its artistic director (2005-2008)Currently Sanna is working in Finland with her newly founded Sing & Shine -Choirs,  and as the Artistic Director of Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2017,  expanding her work to all ages, including adults and the elderly. Sanna's home is also in New York City, where from 2010-2016 as the founding director of her children's performance ensemble, Sing&Shine Kids (2013-2016),  and the choir conductor at El Sistema inspired programs, she worked with children and young people whose access to music education was limited.

From New York, Sanna also began leading community projects and performances in Finland for refugees and elderly people with her former children's choir singers, forming the youth choir collective Sing&Shine Singers, in 2014.  She continues these important projects now with the Sing&SHine -Choirs in Espoo. 

Whether in Finland or New York, Sanna continues her workshops and performances internationally and continues to develop her method, expand the boundaries of choral expression, and create new forms of vocal expression with her singers.

In Finland from 1998-2005, Sanna's children’s and youth choir program with the Kameleontti Choirs at the Espoo Music Institute, was loved by children of all ages. The popularity led to a series of  TV programs on the Finnish National Broadcasting Company, featuring a musical journey around the world with Sanna's method and choirs.

Sanna has her Master’s Degree in Music, from the Sibelius Academy, in Helsinki. She is a  graduate from the world-famous Tapiola Choir. Sanna sang in the choir for 13 years and continued as its vocal trainer and conductor's assistant to both Professor Erkki Pohjola and Kari Ala-Pöllänen.  

Apart from music education, Sanna is a talented singer, songwriter, actor and a versatile performer. She has performed her songs and shows in concerts, theaters and on television.  

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