Holistic & Creative Vocal & Choral Method

Sanna's method has become popular with choirs and singers of all ages around the world. It has helped singers to free up and find their healthy, beautiful and boundless voices and become confident, happy and shiny stage performers.
People who thought they can't sing have learned to sing well in tune, and people who thought they only can sing from low, have found they can sing really high too.
The exercises widen the voice range, strengthen the voice and make it flexible.
After 6-9 months of rehearsing with Sanna and doing her warm ups once a week,
all the children in her choirs have become able to sing easily from f to c3.

Sanna's goal is to help everyone discover the free, natural and healthy voice,
so that we can sing and express ourselves fearlessly and boundlessly. 
"Sing&Shine With Body and Soul" method (aka Making Music with Body and Soul) is a result of Sanna's life-long journey with her own voice, guided by her love and passion for singing, where challenging experiences have turned into gold. After traumatic experiences of loosing her voice, as a teenager singing in the Tapiola Choir,
Sanna's mission became to find her healthy, free and natural voice again.
Following her intuition and listening to her own self, she started experimenting with her voice.
Through her experiments and working with choirs and voice students, and through extensive studies in voice, music, movement, theater, yoga and dance, Sanna found that the voice is not separate from who she is as a whole, and reflects everything she is. For the voice to flow freely and happily, her whole being, mind, body, feelings, heart and soul need to feel free and happy. Emotional blocks, stress, sadness, fears, tiredness all affect the voice, even when subconscious.
Sanna discovered that a healthy singing technique could be awakened with the right images, feelings, body movements, and through working with the voice as part of the whole.
This led her to create the warm up and other exercises which enable exactly this.
They work on freeing the different aspects of the whole human being in the singing situation,
and activating the right muscles for singing,
making it possible for everyone to experience and express music with our voices,
without fear and blocks.

When the whole being is open and spontaneously engaged and supporting the singing,
there's nothing you cannot do with the voice, no style or sound you can't make,
nothing that feels better than to share our voices and sing from our hearts!


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Sanna's method and work in action...

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