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Sanna's new Sing&Shine Repertoire DVD and

Scores for her popular choral arrangements coming here in June 2015!

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Sanna's Warm Ups are now available for everyone through this DVD!

The Warm Ups consist of fun exercises that Sanna has created
 to warm, open and free up, not only the voice, but the whole being and the group atmosphere.

In a loving, relaxing and playful way, removing any limiting fears and concepts of how one should sound,
the DVD enables you to discover your own natural and healthy singing voice.

Young or old, Sanna shows how to shine, enjoy, and express music boundlessly,
with voice, body, heart and soul!

Sanna's  imaginative and ground-breaking warm ups have been in high demand since 1994.
Teachers, conductors and singers around the world have been excited to now receive the material for these exercises with this DVD and use it in many different situations!

 Sanna leads and guides you through her typical 25 min warm up session with singers from the current Tapiola Choir. 

♥  Sanna's introduction to her method and instructions for the exercises are included in separate chapters.

 You will find a user-friendly menu with each exercise titled, track-marked and categorized for easy access.

 The DVD is in English. 

  Ideal for classroom and rehearsal situations, as well as at home, on one's own.

♥ The exercises are suitable and beneficial for all ages, beginners and experienced singers alike.

 Anyone who wants to become a more confident performer will also find the DVD helpful. 

Sanna & Method

Sanna has her Master's Degree in Music, from the Sibelius-Academy, Helsinki, Finland. 
She is a graduate of the world famous Tapiola Choir. In 1994, as the vocal trainer of the Tapiola choir,
Sanna started creating and developing her own vocal exercises and approach to singing by combining her knowledge and experiences from extensive studies in voice, music, movement, theater, yoga and dance. 

Sanna's goal is to help everyone discover the free, natural and healthy voice, so that we can all sing and express ourselves fearlessly and boundlessly. Sing and Shine with Body And Soul-method is a result of Sanna's journey with her own voice, guided by her love and passion for singing.

Sanna has founded and conducted children's and youth choirs since 1998, in both Finland and USA.  Currently Sanna travels around the world as a popular guest conductor and workshop leader.

Sharing her contagious enthusiasm, energy and method, 
she awakens thousands of choirs, singers and conductors to the 
power and joy of singing without boundaries.

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