Sing and Shine with Body and Soul


Sanna Valvanne is an internationally renowned and much loved innovator and conductor of choirs. She travels continuously around the world as an invited guest conductor and workshop teacher to free up choirs, singers, teachers and communities engaging them in a holistic singing process. Her creative vocal & choral method, Sing and Shine with Body and Soul, has awakened thousands to the joy of expressing music with the whole being. With her contagious and uplifting energy, free spirit, enthusiasm and example Sanna empowers everyone to get in touch with the inner child and become a creative performer. People of all ages relax and open up, discovering the beauty and boundlessness of the voice. Sanna shows how to sing with not only the voice but with heart, body, mind and soul. 

At the workshops you will sing and play, move and improvise, and experience the shining star inside you. Joining the powerful journey into your voice and to the heart of songs from different continents, you will be moved inside and outside!

Sing and Shine with Body and Soul (also known as Making Music With Body and Soul) Workshops are suitable for all ages and all groups including: choirs, orchestras, schools, teachers, students, musicians, conductors, communities and community events, churches, care homes, professional development events, theater groups, businesses, organizations etc. The contents of the workshops are crafted to suit each event & grouptaking in consideration the specific needs, available time, skill level, age, location and goals. 


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