Sanna's Choirs, Concerts & Workshops 

Chameleon Choirs - Kameleonttikuorot 

Body and Soul Concert
April 2005
Tapiola Hall, Espoo Culture Center, Finland
photos by Vahur Joala
Uni & Sekamelska throwing boomerangs

Love & Peace with Uni & Sekamelska & Sanna

Sanna conducting Watoto with Chameleon Choirs (Kameleontti kuorot)

Siyahamba with Chameleon Choirs (Kameleontti kuorot)

Sanna getting the audience to sing Ellee illallei

Sanna's Concerts & Workshops Around the World:

Corona Children's Chorus Camp
 Final Concert - Nucleo Corona

 Queens Museum of Art, 
August, 2010, Corona, Queens, New York City, USA
photos by Siddharth Mehta

Singers & Musicians & Sanna after the concert 

Everybody wants a group-hug after the concert 

Happiness & pure love with singers & Sanna 

Kodomo Children's Choir Festival
Final Concert
Hiroshima, Japan, August 2010
Photos: Sanna Valvanne

 Sanna and her Atelier Choirs from Japan and Taiwan performing Tutira mai


Party time!

Time for Watoto!

Joy & Cheezu :) with Sanna & the sweet Japanese singers after the concert!

More love & peace!

There are no fans like the Japanese sweethearts!

Odawara Children's Choir
 Workshops & Concert Rehearsals

, 2010, 
photos: Sanna Valvanne

Introducing Singin' In the Rain to Odawara Children's Choir...

Sanna & Odawara Children's Choir getting into Singin' In the Rain...

...what a glorious feeling... 

Europa Cantat : Youth Choirs in Movement II
Sanna's Atelier: Musical Journey Around the World 
, 2010, Bonn, Germany

Singin' In the Rain continues with Sanna's atelier singers from Germany and Belgium

Sanna teaching...

Sanna's atelier choirs were hoping for rain at the final concert...

Sanna making rain!

Finnish Youth Choir Festival-Nuorten Kuoropaivat 2010
 Making Music With Body and Soul Workshops & Final Concert

, 2010, Jyvaskyla
, Finland
photos: Sanna Valvanne

Sanna's Finnish Sweethearts from her former choir Sekamelska!

Workshop participants in action

Sanna with her workshop

Jengere with Finnish choirs

Sing Aotearoa09!
  Festival Performances & Workshops

, 2009, Rotorua, New Zealand
photos by Brooke Baker

performing at the best concert hall: Mother Earth & Lake Rotorua


Who said adults can't do it too: WATOTO ?!!

Yes they can: The Festival Choirs from New Zealand!!!!

Sanna teaching her Warm Ups!

Sanna conducting the festival massed choir...

Sanna giving her workshop...

Go workshop participants go!

Workshop participants in action...

More action from one generation to the other...

The Muse Community Music Trust
Making Music With Body and Soul Workshop
, 2009, Christchurch, New Zealand

Warm up time

Leijoo in Christchurch

That's it: WATOTO!!! 

Sanna calling for Leijoo!

Sanna's warm ups...

Making song-bridges here....

Europa Cantat 2009
 Sanna's Atelier: Musical Journey Around the World &
 Final Concert
 July, 2009, Uttrecht, Holland
photos© & byAnna van Kooij

Sanna with her Atelier's 110 singers from France, Benin, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain and Taiwan: 
Making The Day Begin!!

Sanna's Atelier Choirs singing Three Spirituals

(photo © & by: Anna van Kooij)
Sanna's Atelier choirs singing Mishito: Taiwan Earth Choir singer

Kodomo Children's Choir Festival
Final Concert
Tokyo, Japan, August 2009
photos: Sanna Valvanne

Sanna & fan: PEACE!

Sanna with her after choirs after final concert

Festival 500-Sharing the Voices
Final Concert with Massed Children's Choir
April 2009, Cornerbrook, Newfoundland
photos by Ki Adams

Sanna singing and playing Ellee illallei with Kantele, dressed in traditional costume...

Sanna's Canadian Festival choirs


Europa Cantat Junior 2008
 Final Concert & Sanna's Atelier: Body and Soul 

July, 2008, Nevers, France

Sanna's atelier choirs from France, Germany, Spain, Portugal performing at final concert


Watoto once more!

This Little Light with the boys...


Sanna & atelier choirs

Ellee illallei luuriallallei. Hei!

More photos coming soon...

Warmest thanks to:
all the sweet singers & amazing choirs shining on this page, 
 the great photographers behind these photos,
 the wonderful conductors of the choirs,
and the fun festivals around this beautiful world!

photo by Tero Pajukallio

© Copyright 2010 by Sanna Valvanne. All Rights Reserved.