Sanna's Songs

Sanna is a singer-songwriter with a very soothing style and angelic voice. 
Her style is unique with elements from pop, folk, and classical music. 
She moves the audiences from tears to laughter
with her songs full of love, light, beauty, and pain,
combined with her gifts as a natural comedienne.

Sanna started writing songs, as a 19-year-old music student at the Sibelius-Academy and musician at Wilma pop-band. In her own music she found the desired freedom to express herself. She has since then performed her songs in concerts, theaters, cafes, and television, in Finland and USA.

Sanna recently moved to New York City, where she is making her own dreams come true, one step at a time, and helping children fulfill theirs, at Artistic Dreams International and other non-profit arts organizations. Sanna debuted in New York at West Village with her “Peace and Love” concert, in 2011, at the Salmagundi Arts Club, with Finland Center Foundation.  She is looking forward to the gig in Caffe Vivaldi and more in New York and around the world.

Sanna's pure and natural voice, sensitive piano playing, and soothing songs touch the heart.  Her purpose is to gently spread love, create beauty, and uplift through music. The songs are beautiful, ethereal, and luminous, as well as groovy, fresh, and humorous. They transport to a peaceful place inside, sometimes making you cry, sometimes laugh.

Sanna's style is unique with elements from pop, folk and classical music. She performs often with just her own piano accompaniment, sometimes joined with a cello, violin, Indian percussion, an acoustic guitar, or a harp. She has been compared to Tori Amos, Norah Jones, Sinead O'Connor, Sarah McLaghlan, Kate Bush and Björk.

In the late 1990's Sanna wrote, composed, arranged and performed her own one-woman-shows "Vatienkeli" (Basin Angel) and "Peilikuvia: (Reflections), which received great reviews and attention from the media in Finland. The shows were also broadcast on TV by YLE (the Finnish National Broadcasting Company).

She has collaborated with theater director Liisa Isotalo, pianists Jyrki Tenni and Susanna Hietala, cellists Paavo L

önen (Apocalyptica), Jan-Erik Gustafsson and Maija Salo, guitarrist Timo Paivansalo, violinist Sergio Reyes, and Indian percussionists. 

Sanna is known internationally for her work with choirs and her creative vocal method “Sing and Shine with Body and Soul”.  


Sanna Valvanne

Photos by Sanna Valvanne

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