Sing&Shine Kids

Sing&Shine Kids

We are Sanna's multicultural children’s performance ensemble in Queens, New York,

for enthusiastic boys&girls, ages 8-14, who love to sing&dance&shine on stage!

Sanna Valvanne founded this unique and heart-melting group in 2013, for her most dedicated singers from the Artistic Dreams International Choir to continue fulfilling her mission of giving all children the chance to grow and develop as singers, confident performers, and responsible and loving members of a harmonious community. 

The group represents Sanna’s trademark creative choral method “Sing&Shine with Body&Soul” with their performances and training processes, where vocal expression is combined with movement, drama, improvisation and imagination.

Sing&Shine Kids made their shiny debut performance in December 2013 with the Orchestra of Saint Lukes, at the DiMenna Center, in Manhattan.
Sing&Shine Kids is a completely independent group, existing thanks to the commitment and support from the families, rehearsing weekly in one of their living rooms,

The group looks forward to opening doors to more children and finding a rehearsal space, where everyone can fit happily!