Sing & Shine Lessons


Creative & Holistic Voice and Performance Lessons for All Ages

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Greenwich Village,  83 Christopher St, NY 10014

For all who want to free up the voice and the whole being 

to sing, shine and make music from the heart, with body and soul!


If you always wanted to sing but were told or thought you can't, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!


Adults, teens, children, seniors...singers and beginners of all ages... welcome!


No music reading skills or previous singing experience required, 

just the desire to discover the voice and performer in you and to express yourself!


Singing is a birthright! 

Everyone has a unique voice that they should feel free to express themselves with. 

Singing makes one happy, healthy and live longer! 


Come and sing! 

Sanna will show you how!

If you always wanted to sing but were told or thought you can't, this is your chance! With a happy and free spirit, the Finnish voice specialist and conductor, performer and voice specialist, Sanna Valvanne, leads everyone spontaneously and naturally into singing without fears and self judgement. Her easeful, playful and charming methods engage the whole being in the singing. Exploring the boundlessness of the voice and expressing one's self through music becomes fun, liberating and unforgettable. Everyone will have a chance to relax and play with the voice, without worrying how it sounds, and yet learn how to sing in tune and different styles. 

When we sing and let our voices free, we get in touch with our feelings and who we truly are, discovering our inner child. We feel confident, start shining like stars and become fully alive, experiencing the uniting, uplifting and transforming power of song! 

Sanna Valvanne is an internationally renowned and much loved innovator and conductor of choirs. She travels continuously around the world as an invited guest conductor and workshop teacher to free up choirs, singers, teachers and communities engaging them in a holistic singing process. Her creative vocal & choral method, Sing and Shine with Body and Soul, has awakened thousands to the joy of expressing music with the whole being. With her contagious and uplifting energy, free spirit, enthusiasm and example, Sanna empowers everyone to get in touch with the inner child and become a creative performer. People of all ages relax and open up, discovering the beauty and boundlessness of the voice. Sanna shows how to sing with not only the voice but with heart, body, mind and soul. 

Sanna’s lessons are available now for anyone interested in learning  to sing and perform here in New York!


Instruction is given in individual classes or in small, age and skill appropriate groups, with 1 hour lessons.

♥  With maximum 10 students in a group=class, each individual receives customized instruction from Sanna as well as the supporting benefits from the group.

Both individual and group lessons are ideal for freeing the voice, opening the ears and learning to sing and perform in tune with confidence and freedom. 

The lessons include Sanna’s special vocal, group dynamic and improvisation exercises, songs combined with movement and drama for a holistic singing experience, fun learning games, and songs of different styles from around the world

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call: -630-344-9064, 


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