Sing&Shine Singers Tour to New York & Connecticut  
June 4-15, 2015

Sing&Shine Show:

June 7, Finland Center Foundation, Salmagundi Arts Club, Manhattan,
June 8, Bristol Eastern High School, Connecticut
June 9, PS 304, Bronx
June 11, Queens
June 12, Park Theater, Union City
June 14, St.John's Lutheran Church, Manhattan
Photo by Maarit Kytoharju
Sing&Shine Singers performing at the Vocal Espoo Festival
June 2014, Louhi-Hall, Espoo Culture Center, Tapiola, Finland

Tour Goals & Reasons

Spread the joy, love, uplifting power, and the many benefits of singing together.

Serve as ambassadors of Finnish culture and the Finnish music education phenomena.

Bring to audiences in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut the Sing&Shine Show,
featuring completely new numbers,
as well as peak-performances of the core Sing&Shine repertoire,
which Sanna originally created with these singers in her Finnish children’s choirs over 10 years ago. This repertoire is now well known world-wide.

Share knowledge and respect for different cultures and traditions with the performances of
songs from around the world with movement, staging and improvisation.

Explore new and creative ways for expressing music as a choir and a vocal theater,
developing the Sing&Shine with Body and Soul method further.

Represent the Finnish youth culture with open-minded, intelligent, creative, innovative, global, international, equality- and environmental-conscious thinking and acting,
as well as caring for one another across all cultural, political, religious differences.

Learn and teach, give and receive, share and live
as one beautiful choir and community of love, respect, peace, and harmony
through interacting and singing together with the children and youth from many different cultures.

Photo by Maarit Kytoharju

Sing&Shine Singers performing with Sanna at the Vocal Espoo Festival
June 2014, Louhi-Hall, Espoo Culture Center, Tapiola, Finland

Tour performances & workshops at/with:
  • New York City public schools
    El Sistema (Venezuelan Youth Orchestra and Choir Phenomena) inspired music programs for children from underserved communities lacking music education opportunities in New York City and New Jersey
    Sanna’s children’s choirs: Sing&Shine Kids in Queens and Dreams Choir in Bronx
    Finnish community of New York at the Finnchurch and Finnish school
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, Manhattan
    Elderly people’s care home, Queens
    Subway stations, NYC
    Finland Center Foundation
  • Salmagundi Arts Club, Manhattan
    Strawberry Fields Accapella Group and Bristol Eastern High School, Bristol, Connecticut

  • Group of Sing&Shine Singers with Sanna at the Vocal Espoo Festival
  • June 2014, Espoo Culture Center, Tapiola, Finland

New York is such a special city with its vibrant arts, music, and culture scenes, street life, history, richness and mix of cultures and people from everywhere in the world, that it offers everyone who visits it unforgettable and life-changing experiences. Sanna has been living in new York for 4 years and naturally wants to bring her Sing&Shine Singers there. The group will therefor have many rare possibilities for cultural exchanges, performances, and charity projects with local people, which otherwise would be impossible, and which most other choirs visiting New York don’t have.

The tour and its crowd-funding campaign are a very special and important opportunity for all the Sing&Shine Singers to learn, grow, and develop as global citizens. The fruits of the tour will touch their personal lives, work and studies in Finland and across the world, inspiring not only themselves, but all whom they meet.

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